Behind the glasses and beneath the bun: Portrayals of librarians in popular cinema and a guide for developing a collection


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The purpose of this study is to examine the portrayals of librarians in world cinema. In so doing, librarian stereotypes within film may be examined, but also those wishing to develop a collection of films featuring librarians and libraries will have a resource to which they may refer. The authors approached this study as an annotated bibliography of the films studied. A synopsis of each film is provided as well as analysis of libraries and librarian roles within the context of each film. Films from around the world tend to have many similar stereotypes concerning librarians. Whether those stereotypes are necessarily good or bad may lie in the eye of the beholder. Although there have been numerous articles written on librarian stereotypes and librarians within literature, there has been relatively little written about librarians within the context of cinema. © 2012, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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